Teeth naturally discolour over time and with age. Discolouration may also occur due to exposure to tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and certain foods, childhood illnesses, medications and physical trauma.

The most effective way to whiten and brighten your smile is teeth whitening. Our Dentists have reviewed many of the new in-house whitening systems over recent years and still find that the take-home whitening kits offer the best results, as well as being the most cost effective way to whiten your teeth.

We currently have two take-home options available Day White Kits, which can be used during the day for a short period of time or the Night White Kits which are worn overnight.

Whitening can:

  • enhance your smile making it appear whiter and brighter
  • improve your appearance and boost your confidence
  • be considered at any age and is safe and long lasting

For further information please speak to your dentist, who will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.